Grammar School "Veljko Petrović" aspires to become an open and modern educational institution by its jubilee year of 2022 and to be better-known to the wider public, as much for its innovative and creative class programs as for its numerous extracurricular activities. Keeping in mind that the vital thing in today’s human life is his ability to properly use a computer, the school will permanently be encouraging and enabling an adequate education in computer use.
That being said, The School will be working by the following principles:
1. Equal rights for all students and employees in terms of advancing and achieving as better results as possible (team and individual ones).
2. The innovations begin in the classrooms.
3. Developing students’ abilities that involve The School’s subjects and the way they overlap.


Starting from the fact that the goal of education and upbringing in the grammar school is obtaining functional knowledge, learning new skills and forming one’s moral which all students use for successful integration into the social community through:
-their full intellectual, emotional, social, moral and physical development, with their abilities, needs and interests being kept in mind, as well as
-advancing their lingual, mathematical, scientific, artistic, cultural, technical and computer abilities, as the neccessary basics of a successful academic education and professional development, "Veljko Petrović" grammar school has completed its mission.





© Gimnazija "Veljko Petrović" - Svetlana Varićak & Duško Obradović & Predrag Ilkić 4-5/2011-12 | Translated by Olga Lukić 4-1/2017-18 (Supervizor Ivana Koh Jerbić)